Welcome to The Epiphany Place!


The Epiphany Place is an innovative company in Orlando, Florida that aims to enrich minds and empower hearts, so students, young adults, families, and schools can discover “aha moments” and go on to achieve success.

Services include:

After receiving support from The Epiphany Place:

  • Students celebrate higher grades and more confidence
  • Parents feel relief knowing their children are more self motivated
  • Young adults feel more secure in their career or educational path
  • Families find less conflict and are more unified on a daily basis

Your first session with us is always free so we can brainstorm and match you with the right support!  Call or email to set up a meeting!

Looking for a tutor for your struggling reader or just a BOOST in confidence in any given subject?  This is the place!!  The Epiphany Place… where the walls come down & the learning unfolds.

~Christine K., parent and school guidance counselor